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"The Niche" that Nicki Built


If you have been reading from the beginning, you may have noticed I like stories.

Stories teach us about people, society, life, love, and pain...Stories help us see ourselves better and hopefully have more understanding, love, and compassion toward self and others.

The Niche that Nicki Built” is an offhanded reference to an old Nursery Rhyme, “The House that Jack Built”. I didn’t know until a quick online search today that a horror/thriller is coming out this year by the same title. It was pretty scary to step into entrepreneurship, and this may be a thrilling post, but I promise there is nothing horrific about it.

The Niche officially opened July 27, 2017. Ten months ago I had no clue how the space would serve my clients, whom I now affectionately refer to as “Niche’rs”.

I PRAYED my schedule would fill.

I HOPED all who entered would feel comfortable.

I WORKED to create a safe little corner of the world where people could relax and leave the noise of the world behind.

I HUMBLY acknowledge the many hearts and hands who helped along the way.

You see, The Niche is more than just a corner building at the end of the road.

It’s a place to find you through Pilates and Movement, a recess from the world, its stresses and pressures, an opening to new possibilities.

People are coming to what I have built.

It would be arrogant to believe I have constructed The Niche alone.

Honestly, each Niche’r is part of the creation of this sacred space.

I can’t wait to see what happens now, who’s chapter I will read next and how our stories will unfold. Is it you?

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