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Personalized for one or more

Enjoy the best with personalized CORE TRAINING at The Niche.

Each session is personalized for your NEEDS - GOALS - CHALLENGES.


  • reduce pain

  • prevent injury

  • lose weight

  • gain muscle

  • improve performance

  • return to full strength post-surgery/rehab


CORE TRAINING is customized for you! Know you are invested in the best program to meet your fitness and lifestyle needs!

Core for One Training:

It is all about you in this personal Pilates experience tailored to meet your body's needs.

Core for Two Training:

For those who prefer having a workout partner but still want a personal Pilates experience. Split the fee with a friend and enjoy a customized workout.

Core for More Training:
Gather your peeps for a personalized group workout scheduled to fit your schedule and tailored to meet your group goals.

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