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Do you love me?? (do you love me...?)

just move....move through to you!

You broke my heart 'cause I couldn't dance, You didn't even want me around And now I'm back to let you know I can really shake 'em down

Do you love me? (I can really move) Do you love me? (I'm in the groove) Now do you love me? (Do you love me now that I can dance?)

Do you love me… Now that I can dance!

The Contours 1962

This song has always put a smile on my face and a boogie in my step, but you could be talking to your own body in this song if you were experiencing pain and then found the ability to navigate the dance of life again.

I have seen many clients who have experienced this change.

Pain has the ability to steal a person’s life away. Steals their ability to enjoy the little things...

The ability to run up the stairs

The ability to get down on the floor and know you can get yourself back up.

The ability to golf 18 holes

The ability to tie your shoes

The ability to get out of bed without feeling stiff and sore

The ability to do move what you want to move when you want to move it

The ability to dance

If you find yourself unable to do something on the above list, you are most likely disconnected and detached from the sensations in your body. You may even dislike your body.

Disassociation is a survival mechanism. After all, life does go on even when we are in pain. There are always bills that need paid, kids to take care of, chores that need done, and activities we want to participate in.

One of my greatest joys is seeing a client “back” and dancing. Hearing statements like…

“Nicki- thank you so much for taking me on. I really am seeing changes- more as my body is awake and functioning later in the day. They are kind of amazing actually. I have trouble believing that such small movements can be effective- having come from the early athletic indoctrination of pain for gain and big movement. I know it will take time... I will probably continue to tell you the same things because I can’t believe this has happened to my body. And I have gone for so long without an answer, thinking I am crazy. It will probably take me a while to trust my body again. I appreciate your patience.” (Stephanie)

Pilates combined with Fascial fitness can be strong tools to implement getting you back to living a full life again. Patience will serve you well. It took you time to get where you are, it will take time to reverse the process.


It can happen!

You can love your body again!

Are you ready?

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