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  • Who am I?
    If you met me on the street one of the first things I’d tell you is I’m just me, Nicki Thiel, a small town girl from a farming community in Idaho. I love that I am truly a Southeast Idaho native having lived all over the valley. My roots have taught me people are just people…as I am just me. We are all out to be our best selves. The next thing I would share is I help you be just you…your best self. It's one of my superpowers. I eat and breathe my calling as a Pilates instructor. Pilates is the tool I use to change people's lives by helping them move better and feel better. When I break it down to the nitty gritty, there are two things that allow me to change my clients lives. ONE: (the official stuff) My dedication to the Pilates method has led me to become the highest trained, most experienced Pilates instructor in Southeast Idaho and currently the only Fully Certified Stott Pilates instructor in the state. I am certified to teach strength and conditioning through Kettlebells and Suples® systems. I have taught movement for 30 years through dance, athletics, and fitness. TWO: (the important stuff) I see you. (I always feel like I'm stepping out of the movie Sixth Sense when I say that. I don't see dead people, but I do see bodies.) I see - how your body moves as you walk in the door. - how your body feels as you sit. - the movements that function correctly. - those movements that don't. - where the tension sits in your muscles. - how that tension changes how you feel inside and out. I see - how your body will move by the end of class - how your body can move in a month - how you will be moving next year You need to know I see with more than just my eyes. I see with my heart. That's the secret behind my superpower and is a game changer when people are ready to do more for their body than ignore it or beat the hell out if it and call it fitness. You are not alone in your journey to be your best, because it isn't just my passion, it's my PURPOSE to help others.
  • What is Pilates?
    Pilates is anatomy based movement. Each exercise is designed to return your body to a neutral, shock absorbing, balanced position allowing your body to feel its best and move efficiently. Pilates creates a more mobile body that is less prone to injury. The Niche uses the STOTT PILATES® method, which is a contemporary and progressive approach to the original Pilates exercise method. Stott Pilates incorporates modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making Stott Pilates one of the safest and most effective Pilates methods available, Stott Pilates has the highest standards for training and certification within the Pilates industry. Stott Pilates focuses on maintaining, or regaining, an ideal postural alignment.
  • What should I expect?
    I have yet to meet anyone who isn't a little "nerv-excited" for their first class, so remember you aren't alone. Feel at ease in your new space. Wear something formfitting and comfortable. You will be in positions that require your legs to be in the air. Loose shirts and shorts often show more than what you may want seen. Socks are optional. Please slip your shoes and coat off to the right of the door. The instructor will greet you and help you get situated. You can expect to hear new terms and ideas. Ask questions knowing that if you wonder, someone else may also or has needed the same clarification in the past. (Even the most seasoned Pilates practitioner will benefit from a refresher!) Each class is a little different so you may not get a workout the first day, but you WILL learn about your body in ways you never have considered before.
  • What will Pilates do for me?
    If you read closely you may have picked up the words, STABLE – STRONG – EFFICIANT – FEEL/MOVE BETTER. This truly helps you be your best self. I have clients whose greatest goal was to tie their shoes without help; competitive athletes working to improve their game; clients who have been able to hold knee, back, hip, or shoulder surgery at bay by bringing their structure back into it’s proper alignment and strengthen the muscles to hold them correctly; clients who have never exercised and know they must do something before it’s too late. You may or may not fit one of these profiles, but by sharing your story with me, I can create a program to meet your personal goals and needs
  • What if I just drop in?
    Spots are limited and due to limited equipment and group sizes please reserve your space online. Appointments for private Core Training are pre-scheduled. Pre-register at least 24 hours before class by creating an account for The Niche or the Mindbody app. You can also shoot me a text for help.208.521.8137
  • What do I do when I am ready to sign-up?
    My personal preference? Give me a call...shoot me a text...send a quick email. We will set up a personalized consultation. I want to ensure your first experience feels like coming home to you and your body. Purchase online or on our Mindbody app. CORE EXTENSION (group) CORE TRAINING FOR ONE – TWO – or MORE (personal training) or Call 208.521.8137 for help.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Call for an appointment to learn more about you, your body, and the basics of Pilates. 208.521.8137
  • What should I wear?
    Wear something formfitting and comfortable. The instructor needs to be able to see your form in order to help you receive the most from your experience. You will be in positions that require your legs to be in the air. Loose shirts and shorts don't stay in place and may show more than what you want seen. Socks are optional.
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