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Spirituality, Pilates, and Self Becoming


I am a churchgoer.

I don’t remember a time in my life where I missed more than two weeks in a row of Sunday meetings.

Growing up I equated Spirituality with Religion. I see nothing wrong with this mentality, just as I see nothing wrong with someone being spiritual without religion.

I AM unsure how someone can judge the spirituality of another, it is such a personal situation. Aging and the gift time has given me perspective and clearer definitions.

Disclaimer...This is my own clarity, I share only to encourage you to look deeper into your own Core Values.

All of my experiences to date are combined below for this definition of Spirituality.

Of or relating to the character of

mind, intellect, and sacred matters

as shown in




inspires and permeates

feeling, and action.

For me religion and spirituality will always go hand in hand.

Religion is one modality to hone my spirit, becoming who I want to be not just in this life but for the eternities.

You may be asking yourself about now,

“What does this have to do with Pilates? I’m not interested in Spirituality or Religion!”

The thing is, your body is the residence of the spirit.

They are intertwined along with your mind during our earthly experience to create your unique STORY. When one leg of this tripod is out of balance it will impact the other two. Health is accomplished when they work as a team. Each day that goes by at The Niche I am witness to the miracle of Mind/Body/Spirit triad. I love the gift I get to share with clients as they come back to balance.

Do you feel like one of these areas are the weak leg of the tripod?

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