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nicki + the niche


I’m Nicki Thiel, a small town girl from a farming community in Idaho. I love that I am truly a Southeast Idaho native having lived all over the valley. My deep Idahoan roots have taught me that people are just people, I am just me, and we are all trying to be our best selves.


I have a superpower, and it is helping you to be you, to be your best self. I eat and breath my calling as a Pilates instructor. It is the tool I use to change people’s lives by helping them move better and feel better.


Let me break down the nitty-gritty of how I change my client’s lives.


ONE | The Official Stuff

My dedication to the Pilates method has led me to become the highest trained, most experienced Pilates instructor in Southeast Idaho and currently the only fully certified Stott Pilates instructor in the state. I am certified to teach strength and conditioning through Kettlebells and Suples® systems. I have taught movement for 30 years through dance, athletics, and fitness.


TWO | The Important Stuff

I see you. A little like The Sixth Sense movie, except I see bodies and how they move and function, not dead people. (Thank goodness.)


I see:


  • how your body moves as you walk in the door

  • how your body feels as you sit

  • the movements that function correctly

  • the movements that don't

  • where the tension sits in your muscles

  • how that tension changes how you feel inside and out


And then I see:


  • How your body will move by the end of class

  • How your body will move in a month

  • How your body will be moving next year


It’s important for you to know that I see with more than my eyes, I see with my heart. This is the secret behind my superpower, and it's a game changer when people are ready to do more for their body than ignore it or beat the hell out of it and call it fitness.


You are not alone in your journey to be your best self, because it isn’t just my passion, it’s my PURPOSE to help others.

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