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"I see dead people."

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

I see you...

I see dead people.

Now before you get too creeped out let me explain.

Most everyone I have ever met has hidden a part of what makes them feel alive. It is buried so deeply, it appears dead.

Occasionally they know when and why they stopped allowing such a special part of their personality to be seen.

Often the trait disappeared slowly, an almost imperceptible change.

Yet, somehow in the process of learning how their body moves, I see that part becoming stronger and healthier right along side of muscles and joints. Even better they begin to see it themselves.

The other day a client was at the Niche attending her Core for One appointment. She was enjoying 50 minutes of personal, mind/body/soul focus (i.e. Pilates).

Niche’r: Do you know what I like about coming here and taking this time for me? I feel big.”

Me: (Oh no! What did I say that made her feel big???) “What do you mean by big?”

Niche’r: “I am able to be ME, my full self. I am not hiding. I am not being small.”

I didn’t know whether to whoop for joy or cry with her.

She felt SEEN!

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