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5 Reasons Pilates is Good for Athletes and Weekend Warriors

What’s your game?

Regardless if it is Golf, Soccer, Crossfit, or Snowmobiling... Pilates proves again and again that it is worth the time to practice if you want to excel at your sport.

Pilates does a body good and this is just the short list!

  1. Pilates has got your back...literally. It also has your feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists and hands. You see...Pilates was designed to restore proper anatomical posture and movement. It’s about balance in all planes of movement. Can you think of a way this would improve your game?

  2. Pilates works intrinsic, stabilizing muscles. Athletes generally use their big global mobilizing muscles. It’s their nature. Big muscles move you, but it’s the little muscles that protect joints, tendons and ligaments. How long do you want to play your sport?

  3. Pilates puts your mind in the game. To get the most from Pilates, you must focus on breath, body placement, and proprioception...knowing where you are in space. Learning to focus when you aren’t in the heat of competition preps your body to know how to do it when you are. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

  4. Pilates increases coordination. On an essential level, it takes coordination to breath and do simple movements like lifting one leg at a time. Intermediate and advanced movements increase the difficult and coordination increasing the neuromuscular challenge. Do you want increased response time or to add speed?

Pilates improves core strength. Core is the number one “game changer” for athletes. Core is more than just abdominal strength. Core is the powerhouse that feeds overall strength and endurance. Are you sure you are using your core?l

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