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What? I need a business plan?



I am new to the business world and keep hearing words such as:

Business Plan

Vision Statement

Mission Statement



I know what I have created and intend to create, but to put it into words seems an unattainable challenge.

How can I verbalize my heart’s purpose? The process of learning what works for me and what doesn’t has been enlightening to say the least.

When I first started to talk to my builder - landlord - and quazi mentor (hereafter referred to as BLQM) about my plans to open a Pilates studio he said, “Do you have a business plan? You have to have a business plan.”

What does a business plan look like? What constitutes a wise plan? Where do I start?


YES! Google does have business plan examples AND that is where I began to develop ideas.

I sketched out a simple plan and happily reported back to my BLQM I was now prepared to be an entrepreneur. I am forever grateful for the direction he pointed me, but I still had (have) a lot to learn.

Around this same time the term VISION BOARD (not to be confused with Vision Statement) kept repeatedly coming at me. My son, his friend and a self actualizing program in Utah...each had ideas on how to create this manifestation tool.

Again Google, and a few conversations later, I had created my first digital Vision Board.

Would you like to guess which method is working?

Do you know what I found out about myself and how I was making my business dreams become a reality?

Hi, my name is Nicki and I am a “WOO WOO”!

In other words, Vision Boarding worked for me.

Bonus...Thanks to the Google search, I was now receiving information on a program to teach others how to make their own AND gain clarity on how to get the most from the process through special tools and exercises. I now get to help others bring their future selves into view.

I find myself quoting more pop culture…”If you build it, they will come.”

  • People are coming in to what I have built.

  • People who need to be seen.

  • People who want to be themselves again, physically, mentally, socially, SPIRITUALLY.

  • People who want to love their bodies.

  • People who want to enjoy moving and feel better.

  • People who are tired of pain.


  • People who help ME to be more myself!

  • People who teach me how to teach even better than before.

  • People who inspire me to grow and become the leader I am meant to be.

My tribe is growing and I can’t wait to see who will be joining it next. Maybe it’s you or someone you know…

p.s. This is not the end of my story...far from it. I think I wrote my Manifesto in the last post thanks to Renae Gregoire creating space for me to write again. I look forward to finding and sharing my motto and vision statement, also!

Join in now to help write the story of The Niche

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