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The Girl Who Cried Wolff

In a world full of Fitspo and CrossFit, a person new to exercise may wonder if a place for them exists. Even those who have always been strong, but have ended up injured or in pain, worry they no longer “fit” in fitness.

It is a little scary to put yourself out there when you aren’t happy with your physical self.

It’s just as frightening to have had full command of your body only to have it betray you with pain and injury.

Statements I have heard just this week include:

  • I’m embarrassed to be in a group class.

  • I’m not flexible.

  • I haven’t been exercising because my back hurts.

  • I hurt myself the last time I worked out and had to quit.

  • I’m not coordinated.

  • I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of myself and family now that I’m getting older.

The common thread of these statements and the hundreds of others I have heard through the years is “fear.”

From my perspective, I find it exciting to know that I can help people no matter their fear. I seldom run across a person I can’t help.

The bad news: Fear holds more people back from becoming stronger than anything I know.

The good news:

Knowledge reduces fear and arms you to face your challenges.

There’s an old story about a boy who cried wolf.

My take on the story?

He called for help because he feared being alone...he feared facing a scary situation. Each time he cried out, the villagers ran to his aid with protective, loving instincts (and most likely some tools!). Instead of using the knowledge that he wasn’t alone to strengthen his resolve, the boy fed his fear and continued to cry wolf.

Granted, had the villagers recognized his fear, maybe they could have slowly increased his responsibility load until he felt confident in his own ability to manage the flock himself.

I have known hundreds of people who approach their pain or physical challenges in the same way. They cry out for help with an issue, reaching out to the community for help, love, and understanding. They NEED people to recognize they are are dealing with fear.

"Wolff’s Law" states that a healthy body’s bone adapts to load. If load is increased on a particular bone, the bone will adapt over time to become stronger.

The perks of applying Wolff’s Law through Pilates:

You face your fear.

You adapt and become stronger

Confidence in your ability to move returns.

You physically come to life.

You will never know what your body can do, how much better you will feel, or who you can become by living in fear.

Instead, cry “Wolff” and adapt to the strength of the new you!

I can help you get there. Schedule your get acquainted call now, and I will show show you how.

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